What is a Bench Grinder and It’s 3 main Uses

What is a Bench Grinder and It's 3 main Uses

Bench Grinders is a Grinder which is a bench-top type of grinding machine which can be fixed on a table or a bench.Bench Grinder consists of a motor, wheel guards, eye shield, tool rest and Grinding Wheel.

Bench Grinders are common equipment in workshops and garages because of how many uses this has.

Bench Grinders are used for sharpening, smoothing, shaping and cutting.

In this article, we will discuss the Bench Grinder and it’s uses in detail.

What is Bench Grinder Motor?

bench grinder and its uses

The motor is the main part of the Grinder which helps to run the Grinding Wheels. Depending upon the use and task the motor varies in Horsepower, RPM (Revolution per minute).

The more the Horse Power of the motor the more RPM of the wheels which means job done more quickly.

What are Bench Grinder Grinding Wheels?

The Grinding wheel of a bench grinder is made from different materials in solid and circular shape. Different types of Grinding Wheels can be attached to the motor on sides and depending on the task and grade material the wheels are used for a variety of functions.

Additionally, you can even make your own Grinding Wheel at home and have a variety of Grinding Wheels for different purposes.

What are Bench Grinder Wheel Guards?

Wheel Guards in a Bench Grinder is used to protect the user from super speedy flying material like metal or wood fragments, sparks from Grinding. Additionally, these also protect the user if the Grinding wheel fly’s towards the user or anywhere causing the damage. This is an important safety feature for Bench Grinder and it recommended to attach these.

What are Bench Grinder Transparent Eye Shield?

Transparent Eye Shields are made up of transparent and strong material which also helps in protecting the user from sparks and scraps while making the workflow easy because transparency makes it see through the shield.

What are Bench Grinder Tool Rest?

Tools Rest for Bench Grinders is made up of strong material which is tightly attached to the body of the Grinder and helps in holding the object and placing it steadily while using the Grinding machine.

What are the Uses of Bench Grinders?

1. Grinding:

Grinding is a process in which the materials are removed, smoothed and are designed or shape by removing the rough parts or materials like chips, scraps, a piece of metal or wood and fragments on the strong object by moving the object back and forth until the task the user desire is acquired.

It all depends upon the quality and grade of the Grinding Wheel.

This can be done by hand tools but it takes a lot of time and effort which were common in old age.

But now Bench Grinders have made it fairly easy.

2. Sharpening:

Bench Grinder is also used for sharpening objects by slowly pushing the object back and forth to the Grinding Wheel until the object is sharpened.

Bench Grinder is also used for sharpening objects by slowly pushing the object back and forth to the Grinding Wheel until the object is sharpened.

This process requires Precision and Slow speed.

The Slow Speed of the Wheel helps in reducing the object to get more heated which can cause problems.

Sharpening the objects with the help of Bench Grinder makes it very easy.

3. Shaping or Designing:

A Bench Grinder is also used to shape and designing different objects this process requires good skill and precision.

It is also done by moving the object back and forth and with the right amount of pressure.

There are also many uses of Bench Grinders and a guide on how to use Bench Grinder. Smoothing out sharp or blunt material, polishing and removing the rust Imagination is your friend.

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