[2024 Updated] Best 12v Air Compressors

12v Air Compressors

Having a small and compact size air compressor which can easily fit in your vehicle and still be powerful enough to fill your tires during your road trips or in case of low tire pressure.

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Then 12v air compressors are a great choice as they can easily inflate your car, motorcycle, bike, suv, or truck tires and you can easily take them from place to place as they are quite portable.

But you may be wondering where can I find the right 12v air compressor for my needs.

Here, we have researched and came up with a list of the best 12v air compressors along with each of their features and pros and cons.

Best 12v Air Compressors 2023




Helteko 12V DC Portable Air Compressor Pump

2.42 Pounds

EPAuto 12V DC Portable Air Compressor

1 Pound

Viair 00088 88P Portable Air Compressor

4.5 Pounds

TEROMAS 12V DC/ 110V AC Portable Air Compressor

2.72 Pounds

AstroAI 12V DC Portable Air Compressor Pump

3.5 Pounds

MasterFlow (MF-1050) 12 Volt Air Compressor

10 Pounds

GSPSCN 12V Air Compressor Pump

6.64 Pounds

1. Helteko 12V DC Portable Air Compressor Pump:

The first 12V air compressor on our list is Helteko and it is a compact design and lightweight as it weighs about 2.42 pounds so you can easily carry it around or store it in your vehicle without any problems.

This air compressor comes with 3 additional nozzles and is multi-purpose so you can inflate the tires of SUV, motorcycles, cars, bicycles, basketballs, etc.

It has a maximum pressure of 150 PSI with a flow rate of 35L/min (it can pump a standard wheel in 3 to 5 mins) and has a cable with a length of 3.5 M (11.5 ft).

The manufacturer claims that it is a quiet compressor with a sound level of 50 dB.

This unit is quite durable as it is constructed from ABS plastic and stainless steel.

It has a digital LCD display with led light so you can use this compressor even at night time and with auto shut off feature you can pre-set the desired pressure and it will automatically turn off when the desired pressure is reached. 

Feature list:

  • Dimensions: 9.76 x 6.46 x 4.41 Inches
  • Weight: 2.42 Pounds
  • Maximum Pressure: 150 PSI
  • Flow rate: 35L / min
  • Noise level: 50db
  • Power Source: 12 Volt
  • Power: 120W
  • Cable length: 11.5ft (3.5m)
  • Display Unit: PSI, KPA, BAR, KG / CM
  • Material: ABS Plastic Heavy Duty Metal
  • Continuous Work Time: 10 mins


  • Auto Shut Off Function
  • Easy To Store And Portable
  • Digital LCD Display
  • Comes With 3 Additional Nozzles


  • Air Hose May Leak Or May Get Broken Easily 
  • Users Report Of Getting A Defective Unit 

2. EPAuto 12V DC Portable Air Compressor:

The EPAuto is also a lightweight and portable air compressor with a weight of 1 pound so carrying it around is no issue.

This compressor connects directly into the cigarette lighter socket of your vehicle and it is a multipurpose meaning it can be used for inflating bikes, sedan, cars, and midsize SUV.

But the downside of this unit is that it does not support any truck tires such as heavy-duty truck tires (HT), and light truck tires (LT).

This portable compressor has a maximum working pressure of 70 PSI with an inflating speed of 1.06 CFM.

Furthermore, it includes additional adapters such as short cone, long cone adapters which are used to inflate swimming pool accessories, inflatable kayak, etc, and needles value to inflate balls, basketballs, etc and a universal valve connector for Schrader valve.

It has an easy to read digital gauge that can display four units (PSI, KPA, BAR, KG/CM) and led flashlight so you can use this at night time.

It features auto-shutoff so the compressor turns off when the desired pressure is reached and it also has overheating protection as it automatically shuts off when overloading.


  • It is Equipped with 12V-DC Cigarette Lighter Socket Plug, Not 110V AC plug.
  • Does Not Support 24 Volt.
  • It Does Not Support Any Truck Tires.

Feature list:

  • Dimensions: 13.5 x 8.1 x 5.6 inches
  • Weight: 1 Pound
  • Maximum Pressure: 70 PSI
  • Power Cord: 9 Ft
  • Rating Power: 120 W
  • Amperage: 15 Amps
  • LED flashlight: Bright Torch
  • Display Units: KPA, PSI, BAR, KG/CM
  • Voltage: 12 Volts
  • Inflating Speed: 1.06 CFM


  • Is Quiet And Easy To Use
  • Comes With Additional Adapters
  • LED Flashlight
  • OverHeat Protection
  • Automatic Shut Off
  • Portable And Lightweight 


  • Hose Connector Leaks Air When Screwing And Unscrewing
  • May Get Hot
  • Led Light Does Not Have On And Off Switch
  • Users Reports Of Getting A Defective Model

3. Viair 00088 88P Portable Air Compressor:

The next air compressor on our list is by Viair.

This portable compressor is powered via alligator clamps direct to the battery and has a maximum working pressure of 120 PSI with a CFM of 1.47.

It is very lightweight air compressor with a weight of 4.5 pounds.

So carrying it around won’t be an issue for you.

This compressor comes with a 10 ft power cord and 16 ft air hose and is great for trucks, SUVs, sedans, small ATVs, and it can inflate up to 33 inches of tires using the direct battery connection with the 2 battery terminal clamps.

Furthermore, this unit has an LED/Power indicator, 3pc Inflation Tip Kit, and you can measure the tire pressure using the gauge mounted on top of this model. 

Feature list:

  • Dimensions: 6.75 x 6.25 x 10.75 Inches
  • Weight: 4.5 Pounds
  • Maximum Pressure: 120 PSI
  • Power Cord: 10 Ft
  • Air Hose: 16 Ft
  • Dual Battery Clamps
  • LED / Power Indicator
  • Solid Brass Twist On Tire Chuck
  • Amp Draw: 20 Amps
  • 1.47 CFM


  • Easy To Use
  • Powerful And Relatively Quiet
  • Lightweight And Portable
  • LED/Power Indicator
  • 1.47 CFM 
  • Connects Directly To Vehicle Battery


  • May blows fuses Or May Get Hot
  • Hose Connection May Leaks
  • No Carry Bag Included
  • Pressure Gauge May Not Be Accurate
  • Users Reports Of Getting A Defective Unit

4. TEROMAS 12V DC / 110V AC Portable Air Compressor:

The TEROMAS is also a multi-purpose compressor so you can use this unit both on the road and indoors as it comes with two power cords one is 110V and the other is 12V.

This portable compressor comes with 3 additional adaptors so you can use it on motorcycles, bike tires, inflatable boats, RV, cars, etc.

But this compressor cannot be used for truck tries.

It features a maximum working pressure of 150 PSI and it has a digital display that can display units in PSI, BAR, and KG/CM².

And it also has led lighting so you can also use this at nighttime.

Additionally, it comes with an auto-off function, meaning you can pre-set your desired pressure and when it reaches your desired pressure it will automatically shut off the unit to prevent it from over-inflating.

It is a very portable and lightweight air compressor with a weight of 2.72 pounds so you can take it from one place to another with no issue.


  1. The air compressor can not be used on big trucks and motor lorries.
  2. When you connect the AC outlet for the first time, wait at least 5 seconds to let the air pump energize.
  3. Avoid over-inflating, never exceed the recommended pressure. Over inflating may cause burst and serious injury. Inflate 10 or 15 minutes and let it have a break for 10 minutes

Feature list:

  • Dimensions: 9.25 x 7.09 x 2.76 inches
  • Weight: 2.72 Pounds
  • Maximum Pressure: 150 PSI
  • Voltage: DC 12V / AC 110V-220V
  • Wattage: 120 watts
  • AC Cable Length: 60 in;
  • DC Cable Length: 126 in;
  • Air Hose Length: 21.65 in;
  • Display units: PSI, BAR, KG/ CM²;


  • Lightweight And Portable
  • Auto Shut Off Function 
  • Come With 3 Additional Adaptors
  • Digital Display And LED Light For Night Use


  • No Presta to Schrader Adapter
  • Users Reports Of Getting A Defective Unit

5. AstroAI 12V DC Portable Air Compressor Pump:

The AstroAI is very easy to use as you have to do is start your vehicle and plug your compressor.

It features a backlit LED screen that can display units in PSI, KPA, Bar and has a built-in LED flashlight so you can also use it at night time.

This compressor is great for sports ball, air cushion, bike auto tires, car, balloon, etc.

But this model also does not support LT, HT, and Truck Tires.

It has a maximum pressure of 100 PSI with an airflow of 35 L/Min and it includes valve caps, needle, two cone adapters, and a spare fuse.

You don’t have to worry about overheating as this unit has overheat protection so it will automatically shut off when it exceeds temperature and has a pure copper coil motor which reduces energy consumption and improves performance.

To make inflation accurate it always shows 0.5 or 1.5 PSI higher than its preset value to solve the issue of reduced pressure after removing the valve connector. 


  1. Ensure the current of your vehicle cigarette lighter is from 10 to 15 amps to avoid the automobile fuses from blowing.
  2. It Does Not Support Truck Tires (Both LT, HT).
  3. Can only be used on DC 12V power source, it can’t be used on AC (110V), AC (220V), DC (24V), DC (36V).
  4. If you use AC to DC Power Converter, the output current of your Power Converter shall be between 10-15A, otherwise, it might cause a blow out to your Power Converter or may burn the fuse of this air compressor).

Feature list:

  • Dimensions: 8.6 x 7.5 x 3.9 Inches
  • Weight: 3.5 Pounds
  • Maximum Pressure Measurement: 100 PSI
  • Air Flow: 35 L/Min
  • Rim Diameter: 1 Inch
  • Voltage: 12 Volts
  • Wattage: 120 W
  • Maximum Amps: 15 Amps
  • Minimum Amps: 10 Amps


  • Easy To Use
  • Overheat Protection
  • Permanent Magnet Motor (Pure Copper Coil Motor)
  • Compact And Lightweight
  • LED Flashlight And Backlight LED Screen


  • Some Users Complains Of It Getting Hot Or Running Slow
  • Users Reports Of Getting A Defective Unit

6. MasterFlow (MF-1050) 12 Volt Air Compressor:

The MasterFlow (MF-1050) features a maximum pressure of 150 PSI and CFM of 2.54.

This model is also multipurpose so it can be used to inflate bicycles, SUV, trucks, RV tires, 4X4s, car’s tires, etc and it comes with a ball inflation needle, two adapter nozzles, and an extra fuse.

It is very easy to use all you have to do is attach the battery with alligator clips and attach the tire with a 16 ft air hose and then turn the switch on.

It is heavier than other compressors on this list as it weighs about 10 pounds and it powers directly from your vehicle’s battery.

This model includes a 10 ft power cord and 16 ft self-coiling air hose with a quick-connect type M automotive air fitting and an easy twist brass inflator.

Because of its compact design, it can easily fit in your vehicle so taking it to another place is no problem and it has a nylon carry bag to place its accessories. 

Feature list:

  • Dimensions: 11.4 x 7.9 x 9.5 Inches
  • Weight: 10 Pounds
  • Maximum Pressure: 150 PSI
  • Output: 3500 Cubic Inches
  • Power Cord: 10 Feet
  • Hose Length: 16 Feet
  • Voltage: 12
  • Amperage: 30 Amps
  • Type: Direct Drive, Permanently lubricated
  • Powers From: Vehicle Battery
  • 2.54 CFM


  • Compact Design
  • Easy To Use
  • A Nylon Carry Bag
  • 2.54 CFM
  • Includes 2 Adapter Nozzles, A Ball Inflation Needle, And An Extra Fuse,


  • May Get Hot And Air Pressure Gauge May Be Inaccurate 
  • The Fuse May Blew
  • User Reports Of Getting A Defective Model (May Be Dead On Arrival)

7. GSPSCN 12V Air Compressor Pump:

The GSPSCN compressor comes with heavy-duty double cylinders these two-cylinder compress air at the same time to have more power for fast inflation and the direct-drive motor helps to provide stability and high efficiency.

It has a maximum pressure of 150 PSI with an airflow rate of 70L/min making it suitable for trucks, RVs, SUVs, auto, trailers, bicycles, motorcycles, cars, golf carts, etc.

It is a compact design and portable air compressor with a weight of 6.64 pounds so you can easily take it during your road trip.

To reduce noise and vibration it features rubber feet which ensures that the compressor does not move from its place making it more efficient and powerful.

Furthermore, this compressor comes with 3.5m coil air hose, spare fuse, 3 inflatable adapters, a power cord with battery clamps, and a carry bag.

Feature list:

  • Dimensions: 11.9 x 9 x 6 Inches
  • Weight: 6.64 Pounds
  • Max Pressure: 150 PSI
  • Air Flow: 70L/Min
  • Material Type: 202
  • Voltage: 12 Volts
  • Power: DC12V, 25A
  • Certification: CE Certification


  • Rubber Feet For Stability
  • Easy To Use
  • Dual Cylinder And Direct Drive Motor
  • Portable And Lightweight
  • CE Certification


  • The Gauge May Be Inaccurate
  • The Accessories Included Are Of Cheap Quality
  • Users Reports Of Getting A Defective Model Or Not Getting Accessories With It


These are the top 12v air compressors but if you are unsure which one to get then in my opinion Helteko, EPAuto (it does not support truck tries), and Viair (00088 88P) are very good as most of the users are satisfied with their reliability and performance.

We hope that this guide will help you to pick the right air compressor for your needs.

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