4 Best Jeep Tire Deflators [2024 Updated]

Jeep Tire Deflators

Having a tire deflator for a jeep is a must as they are the best way to air down tires when you are off-roading or going to places where there is mud, sand, or snow, etc.

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As they air down your tire to increase the vehicle mobility and enhance grip as well as improve tractions.

Whether you want to get the best automatic tire deflators or manual tyre deflators the choice is yours as both of them will get the job done.

Here, we have compiled a list of the best jeep tire deflators with their pros and cons so you can get the top tire deflator for your jeep.

Best Jeep Tire Deflators




Staun Automatic Tire Deflators

5.6 Ounces

Boulder Tools Heavy Duty Rapid Tire Deflator

15.5 Ounces

TeraFlex 4807200 Air Deflator

2.72 Ounces

Real 4X4 4 Tire Air Deflators

7.7 Ounces

Here are detailed specifications of each products.

1. Staun Automatic Tire Deflators:

The first tire deflator on our list is by Staun and Staun Automatic Tire Deflator is one of the best jeep tire deflator for you.

Although this tire deflator is quite expensive when compared to other models but due to its durability and performance, this is worth it.

This deflator is made in Australia and its set includes four deflators and also it comes with a leather bag which makes it easier to carry it around.

There are three models available that are LD, standard model, and HD.

The PSI range of the LD model is 1 to 10 PSI whereas the standard duty model is adjustable from 6 to 30 PSI and HD model has 15 to 55 PSI.

This deflator is very easy to use so you only need to screw on the tire deflator and then once it stops deflating just remove it.

It comes with a factory preset of 18 PSI and the great thing about this is it is an automatic deflator so it will automatically turn off at your preset pressure. 

Feature list:

  • Package Dimensions: 6.14 x 4.02 x 0.83 Inches
  • Weight: 5.6 Ounces
  • Factory Preset: 18 PSI 
  • PSI Range: 6 – 30 PSI
  • Made In Australia
  • Model Number: SCV5


  • Well Built
  • It Is Very Easy To Use
  • Is Available In Three Different Models


  • Users Report That It Is Hard To Adjust The Accuracy
  • Is Expensive As Compared To Other Models

2. Boulder Tools Heavy Duty Rapid Tire Deflator:

The Boulder Tools Heavy Duty Tire Inflator is also a powerful and well-built tire inflator making it one of the best jeep tire inflators available in the market.

This tire inflator can be used for deflating different tires such as truck tires, car tires, motorcycle tires, Atv tires, Utv tires, etc.

To provide the fastest deflation it removes the valve core quickly and you can quickly check the PSI by simply sliding the collar in and then slide the collar back out to keep deflating the tires.

As for durability, it is well constructed as it features a strong braided air hose and is built using corrosion resistant brass with tough rubber protection which covers the pressure gauge.

This tire deflator kit includes a heavy-duty tire deflator, a strong canvas storage pouch, full-color photo Instructions, 4 chrome valve caps, 4 black valve caps, 4 valve cores, 4-in-1 valve tool.

Feature list:

  • Package Dimensions: 8.82 x 6.14 x 1.73 Inches
  • Weight: 15.5 Ounces
  • PSI Gauge: 0 – 75 PSI
  • Corrosion Resistant Brass
  • Long Braided Hose  
  • Battery-Free Operation


  • Compact Design And A Case For Easy Storage
  • Rust And Corrosion Resistant Brass Construction
  • Comes With Accessories
  • Has A Gauge To Measure PSI Range


  • The Gauge May Be Inaccurate
  • Users Reports Of Getting A Defective Model

3. TeraFlex 4807200 Air Deflator:

The TeraFlex (4807200) tire deflator is also a great choice for an off-road vehicle.

This is a very simple and easy-to-use tire deflator and they are designed to attach to the valve stem which allows you to gradually deflate the vehicle tire.

When it is attached to the valve stem it leaves the tread open and this open tread can be connected to your tire pressure gauge so you can measure the pressure and it can be stopped when you achieve the exact pressure you want in your tires.

In terms of built quality, they are very durable and are constructed from zinc-plated steel which protects them from rust and provides long life.

This tire deflator consists of four deflators that are screwed together when not in use and has a keychain for convenient storage.

This is a great deflator as it reduces the time you need to spend airing down so you can have more time to do what you want and also hampers your 4x4s performance.  

Feature list:

  • Product Dimensions: 7 x 7 x 4 Inches
  • Weight: 2.72 Ounces
  • Construction: Zinc Plated Steel
  • Keychain Ring
  • Model Number: 4807200


  • Has Zinc Plated Steel Construction For Durability
  • Easy To Use
  • Keychain For Easy Storage
  • Includes Four Deflators


  • None

4. Real 4X4 4 Tire Air Deflators:

The Real 4X4 Deflator is also an affordable and easy to use tire deflator that comes with a digital tire pressure gauge so you can accurately check the PSI.

This kit has a compact and lightweight design so you can keep it in your glove compartment, or in a bag.

As for the number of deflators, it comes with four brass deflation devices so you use this on all your tires to save your time and each deflator cap can reach about 10 PSI in just under five minutes.

These deflator caps along with air gauges are easy to carry so you can take it to your off-road adventure with no worries and the digital tire gauge can be attached to your key-ring so you don’t lose it.

The great feature of this deflator is the preset function allowing you to preset the desired pressure you want and these caps will release the proper amount of air automatically so no need to worry about kneeling or bending over for long periods.

For portability, these deflators come with a leather pouch that can be fit into any pocket, and also the kit comes in a plastic carrying case so that it stays organized and protected from any damages. 

Note: (Battery Is Not Included) 

Feature list:

  • Package Dimensions: 5.94 x 4.13 x 2.01 Inches
  • Weight: 7.7 Ounces
  • Includes: 4 Brass Air Tire Deflators
  • Digital Tire Gauge With Key Ring
  • Model Number: 4350287810


  • Has Preset Function To Provide Automatic Deflation
  • Easy To Set And Use
  • Includes Digital Pressure Gauge 
  • Comes With Leather Pouch And Plastic Case


  • The Pressure Gauge May Not Show Accurate Reading
  • Does Not Include Battery For Gauge And The Built Quality Of Gauge Is Not Great

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are tire deflators?

The tire deflators are used to air down your tire to a specific pressure so you can use your vehicle for off-roading efficiently.

When should I air down my Jeep tires?

Airing down your jeep tires will allow your vehicle to move more efficiently when you are in the sand, mud, or rocky places. So it is recommended to air down your jeep tire when off-roading.

What should be jeep wrangler 35” tire pressure be?

For a 35″ jeep wrangler tire the tire pressure should be 24 or 26 PSI for a better ride.

Do I need a tire deflator?

If you travel a lot in places where there is mud, sand or the place is rocky then a tire deflator is a must for you as it will enhance your grip and traction by airing down your tires.

What PSI should Off-road tires be?

For most, the off road vehicles, 15 to 20 PSI is generally good and will provide great performance.

Where can I get my tires aired up?

You can easily air up your tire by going to a gas station, grocery store or if you can get a portable air compressor then that’s best.


The above are some of the best tire deflators for jeeps available in the market today. Owning a tire deflator will help you a lot during your off-road trip or if you travel a lot.

So before purchasing any of them be sure to check each of their specs and what your requirements are. In this way, you will eventually find the right tire deflator for you.

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