Can a Bench Grinder Be Used as a Buffer?

Can a Bench Grinder Be Used as a Buffer

Quick Answer: Yes, Bench Grinders can also be used as a Buffer by replacing the Grinding wheel on one or both sides of the Bench Grinder with Buffing wheel and securely tighten the bolt. You can also use these bench grinders with variable speed motors.

Bench Grinders are mostly used for grinding and sharpening tools. Many people who don’t want to buy another grinder for buffing or they have low budget so this is a smart method to use a grinder not only for grinding and sharpening but also buffing which saves money and as well as space if the garage is small and limited.

How to use Bench Grinder as a Buffer:

  1. Remove the guard if there is on the wheel which is there for protection.
  2. Remove the bolt which attaches the wheel to the motor.
  3. Then put the buffer wheel on the motor and tighten the bolt or nut.
  4. Test it and make sure it’s not wobbling (if it is then use spacers).

Is bench grinder safe to be converted into a buffer?

Of-course it is safe to convert bench grinder into buffer but you should know the motor speed and what’s best suitable for the task you are looking to do.

Safety Tips for buffing and using a buffing grinder:

Buffers are mostly used to polish hard surfaces to make them beautiful but as this is a power tool with motor and motor runs at high speed, then you should be careful when buffing because there are many experiences shared on the web that explains the process when buffering they buffing wheels sometimes catches and then throws away the knife or the object to be sharpened at great speed, depending on the motor power, and then the object becomes a projectile and can seriously injure someone.

  1. Be sure to use protective gear before buffing anything.
  2. Use guards on the wheels if possible.
  3. Use lower speed motor grinders as lower speed makes it easy to hold the object.
  4. Tightly hold the object to be buffered don’t hold it loosely.
  5. Make sure you the buffing wheels are tightly secure and are not wobbling.
  6. Use a face mask or dust collector to protect your eyes and respiratory system.

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