Can air compressor freeze and how to run it in cold weather ?

Can air compressor freeze and how to run it in cold weather

Yes, below a certain temperature the fluids inside the air compressor make it hard to run the motor and can cause circuit breaker trips. Also, the Control Panel and Control lines are exposed to the outside weather, which due to moisture can stop the Air Compressor.

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Condensate is the biggest issue related to Air Compressors for not working effectively.

To protect it from moisture or snow which could cause unnecessary problems at the Wrong time. Some Air Compressors don’t have auto drainage system that requires some effort or you could look up for weather proof Air Compressor.

What are the Fluids inside the Air Compressor?

There are two Fluids inside the Air Compressor One is Air Compressor Oil And the other is the Naturally produced Condensate (The liquid produced by condensation of Gas or Steam).

If the Oil is too old or of bad quality it can become Viscous easily and more the Viscous the harder it gets the Air Compressor to work. Water can also get into the oil, this mixture at freezing temperature also creates a problem. 

If both of these reach their freezing point this can stop the Air Compressor from working.

How to Protect Air Compressor from Cold weather ?

  1. If the Air Compressor is not weatherproof from the Factory then you need to weatherproof it from moisture, rain, or snow. Use insulation’s to protect it from extreme weather conditions.
  2. Regularly maintain the Air Compressor by Checking for the Leakages, Drains, Changing the Lubricants on time and checking the Filters.
  3. Try to use the Air Compressor in a normal temperature environment to ensure that it runs properly.
  4. If you do not have the auto-drain system Make sure you have drained out the water before the liquid freezes.
  5. Check the oil level to ensure it has proper oil for it to work properly.
  6. Drain the Air compressor daily.

General Questions

What is the optimal temperature for the air compressor to run ?

Between 50 to 80 Fahrenheit or 10 to 26.67 Celsius (°C).

Why Air Compressor is not working in cold weather ?

Try to heat up the air compressor and turn it on again because the cold temperature may have frozen the oil inside the air compressor. This should work if there is no other problem.

Why Air Compressor is not Working at all ?

Check if the power supply is on and working properly. Also see if the oil inside is enough for the compressor to start working.

Why is my Air Compressor leaking Air?

First check where the leak is, check External loader Valve. Check the hose to see if there is something wrong. Visit a repair shop to see what can be done to prevent this.

If you have any Problem Relating this issue feel free to comment below.

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