How to Increase CFM on Air Compressor

How to Increase CFM on Air Compressor

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As you probably know that each air compressor comes with a certain cfm and different air tools require different cfm to work.

But if you are doing a job where a higher cfm is required or you just want to increase your cfm.

So how to increase cfm on air compressor? 

Well, to do that there are two steps you can do to increase the cfm.

But first, you need to know what is cfm? So, Here is a simple and quick explanation of it. 

What Does CFM Mean In The Air Compressors?

In air compressors, the term cfm or acfm (for average cfm) stands for Cubic Feet Per Minute.

It is the flow rate at which the air is pushed out by an air compressor.

So before getting any air compressor be sure to check its cfm rating as different air tools require different cfm for working. Also, the air compressors have different models and different sizes the compressor with high cfm ratings are known as high cfm air compressors and which have small cfm ratings are called low cfm air compressors.

How To Increase CFM On Air Compressor:

There are two methods that are used to increase the cfm on the air compressors. Which are as follows:

1. Combining Two Air Compressors To Increase Its CFM

2. By Dialing Down The Regulator

1. Combining Two Air Compressors To Increase Its CFM:

This is an expensive method as it requires you to buy a new air compressor or if you already own more than one compressor then you can connect or hook them together.

Because of joining them together there, cfm will be doubled and it will greatly increase the air compressor cfm.

But this method has some negative effect on your air compressor as it can cause overheating issues and it takes a longer time to fill the air in both of the tanks which can also make the air tools to not work properly or you might face some other maintenance issues.

2. By Dialing Down The Regulator:

This is a sufficient method as it does not require you to buy any other accessories.

In this method, all you have to do is allow the air compressor to keep working on its compressed air meaning give it more time, so the air compressor will be able to keep up the tank pressure.

For this, all you have to do is by dialing down the regulator which will make the compressor run for a longer time As the air will flow slowly into the tank and lower pressure will be built inside and it will greatly increase the cfm.

This is a safe method as it will not damage the compressor but with this you the compressor can only reach a certain cfm. 

Can You Decrease The CFM?

Of Course, you can decrease the cfm in the air compressor if you don’t want there to be pressurized air going into the tank.

Don’t try to decrease it as much that it will not be able to fill the air tank quickly and the pressurized air might become insufficient for your air tools and the air compressor may stop working.

Now you will have to wait until the air tank refills itself and because of this, the air tools you were using will stop working. So be careful when you are lowering the cfm.


Why would you want to increase the cfm of the air compressor?

Maybe for your air tools or other equipment or you might own a small air compressor.

I think instead of increasing the cfm why not get an air compressor according to your cfm requirements as it saves you time and you don’t have to increase its cfm rating manually.

But if you need to increase the cfm above are the two methods you should follow to do it.

(Also, if you are new to an air compressor you should let the expert do it as you will likely make a mistake which can damage your air compressor).

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