List of Power Tools and Some Essentials

List of Power Tools and Some Essentials

As Technology is progressing day by day more and more tools are becoming advance and powerful. In this article, we will see the list of Power Tools available. There are so many powerful tools that are out there and are essential and make your task easy. Power Tools are mostly used in Garden, Houses, Constructions and many more.

(Note: This List is still under work and not complete. Any kind of help regarding this list is highly appreciated.)

Here is a list of Power tools available.

2-speed hammer

2-speed hammer drill

Air Compressor

Air Hammer

Angle Grinders

Alligator Shear

Band saw


Belt sander

Bench grinder

Bench grinder and belt

Benchtop drill press

Benchtop router tables

Benchtop Planers

Bench Vises

Biscuit joiner

Blow Torch

Blade Sharpener

Bolt Cutter

Brad nailer

Brush cutter

Cable Puller

Carpet cleaner Machines

Chain mortiser


Cement shear

Chop Saw

Circular saw

Circular saw dust collector

Cold saw

Concrete planer

Concrete saw

Concrete vibrator

Cordless Nailer

Cordless Drill

Corded Drill

Cordless Finish

Cordlesss Crimpters

Cordless Caulking Gun

Cordless Circular Saw

Cordless Impact

Cordless ScrewDrivers

Cordless Handheld Grinders

Corded Handheld Grinders


Cutting torch

Cut-off saw

Cut-out saw

Demolition hammer

Dermel Tools

Die Grinder

Disc sander


Drill Bits Set

Drill Bit Sharpener

Drain Cleaner

Dust extractor


Electric hand planer

Electric nail guns

Electric polisher

Electric Hammer

Electric Stapler

Electric tiller

Electric motor brake

Electric Winches

Electric Power Washer


Finishing sander

Flip over saw

Floor sander

Framing nailer

Gas Weed Eater

Gas Hedge Trimmers


Grinding machine

Glass tile saw

Gas Triller

Grease Guns

Hand Sander

Hammer drill

Heat gun

Heat press

Hedge trimmer

Hypoid saw

Impact driver

Impact wrench




Jobsite fan

Jobsite Table

Knitting machine


Leaf blower

Lawn mower

Log splitters

Magnetic drill press

Metal cutting saw

Metal Shears

Milling Machine

Mig welders

Miter saw

Multi-speed hammer drill

Nail gun

Needle gun scaler


Orbital Sander

Oscillating tool

Panel Saw

plunge cut circular saw

Portable Belt Sanders

power-assisted flat dolly

Power Tools Batteries and Chargers

power assisted wheelbarrow

pad sander

Palm Sander

Plunge Router

Plate Compactor

power scraper

pin nailer

Pipe Expanders

Pipe Locator

Pipe Threaders


Pool Cleaners

power planer

Power wrench

Power trowel

Pressure washer

Ratchet Wrenches

Radial arm saw

Random orbital sander

rebar cutter

Reciprocating saw

Right Angle Drill

Rotary hammer drill

Rotary saw

Rotary tiller

Rotary tool

Router Table

Router Lift


Roofing Nailer

Sabre saw


Screw gun

Scroll saws

Sewing machine

Siding nailer

Sliding compound miter saw

Smoke Absorber

Snow blower

Soldering iron

Soldering gun

Spindle Sander

straight grinder

Steel cut off saw

String trimmer

steel rod cutter

stone polisher

swivel head shear

stud finder

pad sander

Table saws

Table routers

telescopic pole saw

Thickness planer

Tile saw

Tire inflator

Track Saw


Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum Pumps

Wall chaser

Washing machine

water pump


Wire stripping machine

Wood router

Wood lathe

If you don’t find any tool mentioned comment below.

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